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  • Are you frustrated over slipped and pushed deals?

  • Do you have low confidence in your teams forecast?

  • Does you reps often live with poor engagement from decision makers?

  • Do you wish average deal size value were greater?

  • Sales processes dragging out on time?

  • Do you feel you have a Low level of trust in your sales team?

  • Reps running their own sales processes and you have lost control?

  • Spending time fighting fires?

Don't Worry we can help you with this!

Don't Worry we can help you with this!

This is exactly the types of symptoms we help you fix!





Business Owner

I have had the pleasure of working with Jonas for a year, and he is without a doubt the most loyal, capable, and motivating leader figure I have ever worked with.

Jonas has a natural kind human touch in every aspect of his leadership and has notable interpersonal skills, combined with great knowledge and expertise within his field.


ISR - Transitioned to AE

While working with Jonas he not only helped me to become more customer centric towards clients and truly understand their needs, but also to become a better person.

He also taught me how to drive complex business cases forward in the way which made it easier for me but even easier for the clients.


ISR Manager

I had the good fortune of working with Jonas for a year and a half. Jonas was a huge help to me with my own development while also leading the team. I found his attention to detail to be exceptional where his attention never wavered from ensuring that potential and existing customers’ needs were at the fore of everything he did. Jonas is a natural leader who builds and maintains relationships seamlessly. It was a pleasure to work with him


ISR - Transitioned to Alliance Manager

Jonas is experienced and reliable, with lots of knowledge about both the IT industry and sales processes in many different environments. Whilst working with Jonas he was very helpful with showing me different sales techniques and commitment engineering techniques. I would recommend Jonas and it was a pleasure to work with him.



Jonas is quite simply an outstanding sales guy. He has the ability to build strong relationships with decision makers and the skill to create and close very large transactions. He is one of the most creative sales guys that I have worked with.


Business Owner

Working with Jonas and the team at OBA has been just fantastic!

The level of detail in their program has helped me and my hole sales organisation become more structured and grow our business to numbers I never could have imagined!


Business Owner

"Holy s***... I’ve never seen a more informational and detailed plan to what I need to do to be where I want to be.. thank you OBA!


Sales Director

"Jonas, you have given my sales team more education about sales, sales process, forecast, pipe generation than one could get from years spent in the field. Thank you so much."

A few words from the founder

I have spent over 20 years working in Sales, Sales Management and Business Management functions and I have seen all examples of good and bad sales strategies, methods and tactics.

I have tried most and kept the ones I have been assured working.

During my years I have kept positions as BDR, AE, Enterprise sales, Sales Manager, Head of Sales and Regional VP which has given me a great mix of different flavors of the sales role and most importantly, it has brought a huge tool set and a blue print of what it really takes to be successful in sales.

This is what I do, I help Business owners and Sales leaders reach success with their sales teams, so they can free up time for their own business.

I help Sales reps follow a structured and proven sales process that gives guaranteed results and let them thrive in their roles.

I believe I can help you too!

  • Helped hundreds of reps crush their target and reach presidents club
  • Coached Business owners to +200% growth of their business
  • Guided and hand held reps in various roles take their next step on their career ladder
  • Closed the largest deals, multiple times, in some of the organizations hired

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